In the beginning, YahWeh created the heavens, and the earth, and all places under the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

A great Star fell from heaven, for no longer was any place found for him. He—the Morning Star, the son of the dawn—was hurled down into Sheol, which is the abyss, and His angels with him. And smoke rose from the abyss like the smoke from a gigantic furnace, darkening the sun and sky. And they called the place of His fall Gehinnom.

Then they called out for the Morning Star, but He did not answer; they sought for Him diligently, but they could not find Him. And all the fallen hosts wept and wailed, crying, “Verily, our salvation is lost!”

And in that moment, kings and queens raised themselves up from the host to lead and rule and conquer. Each held in their own mind the right way to think and the right way to act. And there was no agreement among them.

And lo, there was a great war in Hell.


“Gehinnom: The War for Hell” takes place immediately after Lucifer was cast down from heaven, and long before he had established himself as de facto ruler of Hell. Factions vie for control of Gehinnom (and Sheol in general), potentially standing to rewrite all of history.

Will Lucifer and his Embittered legions again emerge victorious? Will the Repentant seize the upper hand, and potentially with it, reentry into heaven? Or will the Noble succeed in convincing their brethren to cast off ancient feuds, creating a new heaven all their own?

Only your players can decide! This is Gehinnom.